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Attik Door

Review of Never in Agreement by Attik Door


The band members of alternative rock band Attik Door originate from the former USSR, but now live in San Francisco. They combine a variety of musical styles to create a unique rock feel. They are inspired by a range of artists including Led Zeppelin and System of a Down. Check out my review of their album ‘Never in Agreement’ here:

Never in Agreement begins with the rockin’ and infectious ‘Posers’ and moves on to the fast moving, funky and explicit ‘Bleed’- a song with attitude!


My personal favourite track is track 3 ‘The Front’. There are slight echoes of Muse in the way the band skilfully blend a variety of musical styles. Lead singer Liana Tovmasyan sings this song with true raw passion and her vocals truly shine here.


Track 4 ‘California’ is clever how it starts off slowly and builds up, reminicent of No Doubt/Red Hot Chili Peppers in its style. Track 5 ‘Snorting Headlines’ demonstrates once more Liana’s strong vocals and the amazing ability of the band, it is a faster paced song.


Track 6  ‘Cyber World’ is a heavy rock tune, slightly reminiscent of Linkin Park in style. Track 7 ‘Kosmos’ is another fast paced song, sung with Liana’s conviction. Track 8 ‘Spinning Out’ has more of a funky, almost reggae beat to it, it is interesting how it varies in musical style.


Track 9 ‘Moody’ is not for the faint-hearted! Although I’m not personally a fan of songs containing bad language, I have to admit it kinda works here and made me smile!


The final track ‘Time’ has a very long interesting musical introduction and is very dramatic and interesting lyrically. You can imagine it being used as an epic movie soundtrack. It is a great choice to end the album on.


If you enjoy rock music with attitude and are seeking some originality, I recommend you check Attik Door out!


Karen Hill


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