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Review of Non Sequitur by Andrea Remondini

Andrea Remondini, from Verona, Italy is a classically influenced ‘progressive instrumental synth pop’ artist who cites the early works by Mike Oldfield and Jean-Michel Jarre as important sources of inspiration for his musicianship. He credits them for showing him the path and providing a standard of excellence.


His inspiration for melodies and arrangements is harder to pinpoint. He enjoys sound design and that can spark ideas, often subconsciously!


Andrea Remondini has already achieved so much, both here in the UK and in Italy as well as other countries. He is a self taught pianist who has been making music since the age of 12. Here, he is noted for reaching no. 15 in the UK singles charts as co author, musician and sound engineer with dance act CRW with the song ‘I Feel Love’, as well as featuring at no.11 with DJ Picotto’s dance single ‘Komodo’ which was awarded gold in Germany and featured on music show ‘Top of the Pops’.


In Italy he was co-author and musician on the 1996 dance single ‘Ocean Whispers’ which reached no 3 in the Italian Sales chart. He has very recently released his album, ‘Non Sequitur’:


Non Sequitur takes us on a magical journey. It is very original in that the whole album is just one highly eclectic track! It has a very professionally engineered sound. There are similarities to Mike Oldfield, Rick Wakeman and Jean- Michel Jarre, but Remondini gives a unique take on these influences. The music contains a range of different styles and twists including classical, medieval, and spiritual; also 80’s pop, with a slight reminiscence also to Enya. The charming melodies build up throughout to the dramatic ending. The more you listen to it, the more you can really appreciate the beautiful, intelligent music and how the variety seems to complement itself.


It is perfect music to escape and unwind to and let your imagination take you on a mystical voyage!


Karen Hill



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