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During a well-being stay, couples who love cocooning will take advantage of this break to relax and recharge their batteries. The secret to relaxation is to call on the services of massage experts. The Massagexquis practice has masseuses who have mastered the art of effleurage. This practice is ideal for boosting a couple’s libido. The couple’s wellness stay can also be made thanks to various activities: hammam, balneotherapy, sauna…

Shiatsu massage

Techniques and benefits

Swedish massage

Sports massage

Thai massage

Vitality and relaxation

The Californian massage

Touching the heart

To tone the body



During a sauna session, you can prepare your body to face the winter temperatures. This wellness session brings many benefits to the body. The principle of the sauna is to take a steam bath in a wooden cabin equipped with benches arranged in tiers.


This aquatic sport works many muscle groups in the body such as the buttocks, abdominals, thighs, shoulders and arms. To make aquagym sessions more dynamic, music is sometimes played while synchronizing body movements in the water.


The Jacuzzi is available in different ranges: built-in, free-standing, inflatable… A Jacuzzi can also be installed inside the home or outside. To optimise the comfort of this leisure equipment, recent Jacuzzi models are equipped with heating systems, air nozzles, water jets…

Thermal cures allow to limit against ageing and to preserve the osseous capital. These sessions strengthen the bones. In addition, they have a beneficial action on the respiratory mucous membranes and provide patients with the main factors of demineralization. More information on rijnstreekmagazine.nl.

Chromotherapy is a technique applied in unconventional holistic medicine. This cure of colors originating from the Orient rebalances the emotions and the spirit. Thanks to this technique, we can reduce the appearance of the most common illnesses. In chromotherapy, each of the 12 colours represents different parts of the body. Thus, the cure can have a negative or positive influence on the psyche and the body. It is used in several medical disciplines such as psychology and rheumatology.

Specialists in this holistic medicine treat certain psychosomatic illnesses. By using chromotherapy, stress, depression, anxiety, immune deficiencies and weakness can be relieved. Pain located in parts of the body can be alleviated by this unconventional medicine.


Scrub, wrap

Modeling, mask

Head massage, Lymphatic drainage

Hydrobath, Sludge Application

A few tips to feel good in your head, good in your body!

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