Lithotherapy: 4 tips to know everything about the benefits of stones

Lithotherapy is a complementary medicine method that employs the energy and colors of stones to balance the body. Its literal meaning is “the way of caring through the use of stones.” Rocks and minerals possess frequencies and characteristics that can…

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Yoga: what are the best postures to firm up the silhouette?

After practicing different sports and trying several diets, your figure is still not slimmed down? Practicing yoga could be the solution to your problem. Here are three postures to practice regularly, they will help you achieve the desired result. The…

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What are the health benefits of sophrology?

Sophrology is a relaxation method that is part of the brief therapies. Like yoga, it aims at the well-being of both body and mind. As a result, it provides many health benefits, which can be discovered in this article. Proven…

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What weight-training program should a woman adopt?

The lady or the missus has just started weight training, but has a lot of questions about this sport. Is there an adapted program for women’s weight training? What are the programs to follow for this or that goal? How…

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Grandmother’s remedies for heavy legs!

At a certain age, human beings can encounter health problems. For example, when you start to age a little, you are likely to experience back pain. Similarly, some people also have problems with their legs. Since humans are bipedal and…

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