Californian massage, Thai massage: what are their techniques?

Today, there are a multitude of massage parlours offering services ranging from simple relaxing massage to erotic massage. However, many masseurs still don’t know the difference between Thai, Californian and Tantric massage, services usually offered in these centres. Tantric massage,…

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Hot stone massage: what are the effects on the body?

The hot stone massage is one of the most popular forms of massage in the institute. It does not only provide full relaxation. This type of massage acts more deeply, bringing all kinds of benefits to the body. The use…

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Massage in institute: what are the different massages offered?

Are you feeling tired or just feeling a little on edge? You will be right to treat yourself to a little massage session in a specialised institute. In the hands of a professional practitioner, you will not only relax, but…

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Erotic massage in a nutshell

For every couple, it is sometimes essential to spice up the relationship between the two. It’s not enough to invite each other to a great restaurant or to share good times together on the beach. At the moment, in order…

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