For the awakening and development of baby, it is wise to register him in a centre, association or sports club offering baby gym. This type of training is generally given by a coach with proven skills in psychomotor development and baby and child psychology. What are the benefits of baby gym?

Baby gym in a few words

The baby gym is both training and fun for babies from 6 months to 4 years old. It is indeed a well thought out program allowing them to move and thus test the real capacities of their body. More than an evaluation of their physical abilities, the baby gym allows them to maintain their psychomotor development at their own pace. Babies are welcomed in a large secure room with a well-constructed course. In concrete terms, the course can take the form of small slopes on which to descend or slide, alleys to work on crawling, obstacles allowing the progressive acquisition of the standing position and then walking...

A strong, agile body thanks to the baby gym

The elements that make up the baby gym course for babies are aesthetically pleasing and colourful. These elements catch the attention of the little ones and invite them to move without the help of their parents. Each baby moves at its own pace. Neither the parents nor the coach help them to perform any movement. Thanks to the regular practice of the baby gym, babies see their bodies get stronger and more muscular. The joints are well mobile and the hands, like the feet, become real supports for better motor skills. The baby gym is a valuable aid in the acquisition of various motor skills such as the ability to turn around and then roll on their back and stomach, the ability to crawl and move around, the ability to sit up, then stand up and finally the acquisition of walking.

Baby gym and psychomotor development

A child's psychomotricity is not just the ability to turn on his back and stomach until he is able to walk. There are other motor skills in baby such as grasping and gripping, the reflex to put the hands on the ground in case of an imbalance or fall, the ability to coordinate movements when moving around... To acquire all these skills, the baby gym makes baby's body work as much as his mind and his thoughts. This is why professionals talk about psychomotricity and not only about motor skills. In reality, baby gym stimulates and develops the child's brain. The results of these stimulations are visible through indicators such as feeling good with others, gaining self-confidence, developing physical strength and motor skills...