Today, there are a multitude of massage parlours offering services ranging from simple relaxing massage to erotic massage. However, many masseurs still don't know the difference between Thai, Californian and Tantric massage, services usually offered in these centres.

Tantric massage, how does it go?

It is often wrongly considered as an erotic massage, because it takes into account the entire body, including genitals. Only, the Tantric massage is, in reality, only a sensual massage aiming at stimulating, at awakening the sensitivity of the massed person so that he can feel the blooming of his being by a simple touch. It acts at the same time on the physical body and the energetic body of the person. The masseur uses a vegetable oil to facilitate the coming and going of the hand all over the body. There is no excitation of the genitals, no masturbation and even less sexual intercourse. These organs are just perceived as any other sensitive area of the body to be massaged. This type of massage is most often done on a futon, in a room that gives the person a feeling of total confidence and comfort.

The Californian massage, both sensual and sensory

Practiced naked or in underwear, the Californian massage aims at a deep physical and psychic relaxation. Better known under the name "the touch of the heart", it is a psycho-corporal practice, ideal for people overworked or stressed by their rhythmic life. The masseur generally uses a scented essential oil for a better movement, then exercises long and fluid movements. Contrary to the Tantric massage, the masseur generally only touches the bust, the belly and the back. At first soft, these manipulations follow and intensify until they reach the deepest tension felt by the person being massaged.

The oldest technique, the Thai method

It already existed 2500 years ago. The traditional Thai massage technique is called Nuad Bo'Rarn, and it can be presented in two styles: that of the court and that of the people. For the Court, only thumbs are used, while for the people's style, thumbs, knees, elbows and feet are used. He mixes several techniques: reflexology, stretching, acupressure, yoga... Unlike the other two techniques, clients wear clothes. The work is also done on the whole body, paying particular attention to the legs.