The hot stone massage is one of the most popular forms of massage in the institute. It does not only provide full relaxation. This type of massage acts more deeply, bringing all kinds of benefits to the body. The use of hot stones in certain massages, such as a tantric massage, optimizes the beneficial effects of these massages.

Enjoy total relaxation with a hot stone massage

There are currently all kinds of massages. While all of them aim to provide the body with optimal relaxation, the hot stone massage stands out for the quality of the relaxation it provides. The latter uses basalt stones, which are nothing more than volcanic stones made of pure lava. When the body comes into contact with these pebbles, it quickly releases tension and eliminates pain. In addition to acting on the physical, hot stone massage also promotes deep mental relaxation.

Hot stone massage: to detoxify the body

Hot stones can be used in different massage techniques. For example, they can be used during an improvised duo massage session with your partner or during a naturist massage in a specialized institute. In all cases, the massage will cleanse the body of all its impurities. The heat of the stones will indeed support the evacuation of toxins and impurities present in the body. For an optimal effect, the hot stone massage can be combined with the use of a vegetable massage oil. The heat will in fact activate the release of the active ingredients present in the latter. Those who have a problem with fluid retention or who suffer from poor blood circulation can relieve their ailment by relying on a good hot stone massage.

Hot stone massage: how does a session take place?

To enjoy all the virtues of a hot stone massage, simply make an appointment at a massage institute or naturist massage parlour. The course of the session will always be the same, with the difference that you will find yourself completely undressed during a naturist massage. The practitioner will start by using an essential oil to relax the body. He will then use heated basalt stones to knead and press the different parts of the body. The stones can also be applied directly on the energy points to stimulate them.