At a certain age, human beings can encounter health problems. For example, when you start to age a little, you are likely to experience back pain. Similarly, some people also have problems with their legs. Since humans are bipedal and are most often in an upright position, the blood goes down and up each time. As a result, the veins can lose their efficiency. And this, especially for a senior citizen. As a result, the blood circulation gets worse and worse. In this case, what is the best remedy for a heavy leg?

Using plants to recover from heavy legs

The first heavy leg remedy is the use of plants. Indeed, our grandmothers have always tried to find solutions to various health problems in the most natural way possible. According to them, the best way to recover from heavy legs in no time at all is to apply plants to them. But which ones? The horse chestnut tree, for example, is the most commonly used at the moment. Also known as "phlebotonic", this plant has the role of protecting and stimulating the walls of the veins and small blood vessels of the human being.

Why not phytotherapy?

Indeed, relying on phytotherapy is also a very effective heavy leg remedy. Here, we must use veinotonic medicines made from plants. These plants can be taken orally. But, if you have problems with your stomach, do not hesitate to apply some directly on your legs. In pharmacies, you can find some of these plants in the form of herbal teas or even capsules.

Massage with essential oil

Who doesn't know the health benefits of essential oil? It has always been used to relax and to reduce fatigue in every human being. At the moment, to relieve heavy legs, there is no harm in using essential oil. However, one must trust a person who has experience in the field to perform the massage. Most often, it is done every 10 days. When the result is satisfactory, then the massage is done every 20 days. However, this practice should be avoided for pregnant and breastfeeding women.