After practicing different sports and trying several diets, your figure is still not slimmed down? Practicing yoga could be the solution to your problem. Here are three postures to practice regularly, they will help you achieve the desired result.

The boat posture, for a flat belly

Also called Naukasana, this Hatha Yoga posture can be practiced in your free time. It consists of staying balanced while sitting on the floor by raising your legs and keeping them straight. To perform this movement, lie on your back with your legs straight and stretched out. Then, as you breathe in, gently raise your legs at a 45-degree angle. While continuing to breathe, bring your hands to your calves. Keep your legs straight and balanced at all times. If it is difficult to reach your calves, position your arms at the level of your knees. In this posture, it is important to keep your back straight and tighten your abdominal muscles, while maintaining a normal breathing rhythm. Simply repeat this yoga posture 5 times, alternating it with a 15-second break to feel its effects.

The posture that tones the stomach and hips

Can be presented as curling up into a ball by bending your arms around your legs while lying on your back, the Wind Release posture or Pawanmuktasana is an easy yoga exercise performed. To begin, lie flat on your back, bend your knees back towards your chest while breathing out air. Your thighs should put pressure on your abdomen. Then, on a second exhalation, your chin should touch your knees. Pay attention to your cervical vertebrae. It's not your neck that brings your head forward, but your upper back. It is important to breathe deeply when doing this yoga posture. It is also necessary to do 5 series.

Kumbhakasana, the posture that strengthens the arms, buttocks and thighs

After the stomach and hips, which are often the most difficult parts to firm up, the board posture or Kumbhakasana, allows you to strengthen your arm muscles, buttocks and thighs. Indeed, as when doing push-ups, it is difficult to hold on to your arms. This is the principle of this posture. While lying on your stomach, your arms must push you off the ground. Looking straight ahead, your whole body should form a straight line. No hunched back, no sagging buttocks, it's very bad for the lower back. While breathing normally, this is an exercise to be repeated 5 times.